Half Marathon

This challenging half marathon course will reward runners who have the patience to wait and punish those who start off too fast. For the first two miles, the course runs alongside the Mississippi River and through downtown Clinton. A gradual climb begins just prior to Mile 2 and continues up to Mile 3, winding through a quiet residential neighborhood. After turning onto 13th Avenue North and cresting another short hill, runners will be rewarded with a scenic view of Clinton, the Mississippi River and the County Courthouse. On the ensuing downhill runners will be greeted by spectators at Mercy Hospital and spurred on by the flat section heading North on Pershing. Shortly after Mile 5, the real fun begins. Once across Main Avenue the course features another gradual ascent through Clinton’s historic Lyons residential district. This grade continues along Pershing and as the road ends, the course proceeds along the recreation path up a short but challenging hill. As the path snakes through Eagle Point Park, runners will be greeted with live music and a festive bunch from one of our sponsors. This section of the course also presents some challenging rollers as well as breathtaking views of the Mississippi River. Make sure to smile for the photographer as you pass by Eagle Point Lodge. After exiting Eagle Point Park, the rest of the course, with one small exception, is all downhill. After returning to the end of Pershing, runners will turn right, left and left again, where the finish line will come into view. Patient runners who have paced themselves will be rewarded with a fast finish.


Here’s a race we think you don’t see enough of… the 10k. A perfect mix of distance, speed and endurance, this course will reward both the speedster and the long distance runner. Plus, we throw in one more element – hills! This 10k race follows the same scenic route as the Half Marathon: up 2nd Avenue South through residential neighborhoods, then down 13th Avenue North, before splitting off for a fast and flat finish. Unless this is your first 10k, this challenging course may not be your PR, unless you can really power up the hills in the middle miles. The 10k distance has long been a favorite of those in training for a Marathon or Half Marathon – are you up for a classic?


Flat and Fast – just what runners like to hear. 5k runners will start off with the Half Marathon and 10k runners but split off in the opposite direction at the first turn. The course then runs straight to Pershing and up to 4th Street, where runners can enjoy the spectator support waiting at Mercy Hospital. After a short spur back to Pershing and a turn around, runners will be on the same course as the other two races. The course finishes out back to the end of Pershing, then a right turn, two left turns and a sprint finish. This has all the makings for a PR course – can you hold your pursuer at bay?

Clinton Half Marathon Video

2018 Clinton Half Marathon Committee Members

Jesse Lawson, Race Director
Jacky DeBoer
Nolan Gipe
Aimee Hammel
Kehley Kennedy
Shanna Krogman
Tami Leavens

Ari Lewrenz
Jean Roeder
Shannon Sander-Welzien
Bill Sattler
Kristy Sattler
Steve Schmit
Denise Schroeder
Stephanie Sommers
Mike Wolf