YWCA Youth Department

Colin Larson, Youth Program Coordinator
563-242-2110 ext. 404
Youth Department Cell Phone: 563-212-4001

The YWCA Clinton’s programs for youth and teens have been expanded. As you look at all of the possibilities for learning, and just plain having fun, we hope that you and your child will want to join us!

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YWCA... We're on a Mission!

Our biggest obstacle was our daughter Bella’s inability to communicate. I will never forget my first visit to the YWCA…
I can still remember the reaction to me explaining Bella’s needs, a simple caring smile and the words were music to my ears that they would have her. It wasn’t just their acceptance of her just as she was, but the experience of the staff and the overall warm feeling, I was in love… I remember when I was told “we have never had a child leave here without being able to talk". I was hopeful that would be true for Bella as well.

My greatest surprise actually happened just a few weeks ago. Every night as Bella gets tucked in bed, I say “love you big" and I would usually hear inaudible words, but a few weeks ago she said “love you more". The YWCA has not only given Bella confidence, and skills to interact with other kids, but most importantly, they have helped her find her voice. They have given us hope. – Juliette