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The YWCA Clinton, Iowa is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.


The YWCA is the oldest and largest multicultural women’s organization in the world. Across the globe, we have more than 25 million members in 122 countries, including 2 million members in 300 local associations in the United States. More important than the numbers, is our mission to eliminate racism and empower women. We provide safe places for women and girls, build strong women leaders, and advocate for women’s rights and civil rights in Congress.


The YWCA supports policies that contribute to the elimination of racism. This includes but is not limited to policies that eliminate racial profiling, increase immigrant rights, retain and strengthen affirmative action, reduce hate crimes and result in increased education on racism and its elimination.

Until Justice Just Is

We are excited to be partnering with YWCA’s across the nation in the participation of the YWCA’s Racial Justice Challenge.


The Racial Justice Challenge works to elevate the need for justice across all communities by creating a dedicated time and space to build more effective social justice habits, particularly those dealing with issues of race, power, privilege, and leadership.


The challenge begins in April. To learn more about the YWCA Until Justice Just Is, please visit

Stop the Hate / Show the Love Annual Walk for Peace

The Stop the Hate / Show the Love Annual Walk for Peace is held annually in our community on the Thursday closest to the September 21st global observance of the U. N. International Day of Peace.


The Peace Walk is organized by the Clinton Peace Coalition. Members of which include community members and organizations including Clinton Community College, Sisters of St. Francis, YWCA-Clinton, Ashford University, Prince of Peace Schools, and the Unity Center of Clinton.

For more information on the Stop the Hate / Show the Love Annual Walk for Peace, please call Mardell Mommsen at Clinton Community College at 563-244-7006.

Clinton Peace Coalition

The mission of the Clinton Peace Coalition is to promote a holistic approach to a peaceful lifestyle through the education collaboration and cooperation of individuals, families and the organizations and agencies of our community.

The Clinton Peace Coalition Is a community based organization formed in 2002, which grew out of the YWCA Week Without Violence and our community’s Stop The Hate / Show the Love Annual Walk for Peace. The Clinton Peace Coalition consists of representatives from the YWCA Clinton, Clinton Community College, Sisters of Saint Francis, Ashford University, Clinton Schools, and other interested individuals.


The Clinton Peace Coalition is open to anyone interested in working within our community to promote peace and justice for all. Contact Mardell Mommsen at 563-244-7006 for more information.

Martin Luther King Celebration

April 2024 was the 36th year of this community-wide celebration. Each January is a special time for us to come together and celebrate Dr. King’s vision of peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. The MLK Planning Committee has been able to bring in programs and people who have inspired, entertained and generated discussion, as we all come together to remember the work and vision of Dr. King. 


Each year Clinton’s MLK Celebration Committee also seeks nominations for their annual Peace & Justice Award. This award honors a deserving individual or group whose work exemplifies the dream of Dr. King. We award someone who actively works towards furthering peace and justice in his/her home, workplace or community. 

It is through the generosity of friends like you that we can continue to offer programs that support our mission. Thank you.


The YWCA, Clinton has a long history….a history of women who have worked hard, been diligent, given much and are taking the YWCA into the 21st century giving its present leaders and patrons opportunities to be decision makers, explore new ideas and to be part of the oldest women’s organization in the U.S.

Woman of Achievement Awards

Since 1973, the YWCA, along with the community, has recognized the achievements of women in Clinton and surrounding areas. There are many women in local communities whose efforts and accomplishments, be it professional or volunteer, are worthy of recognition.


Each year, a number of local women, men, and an area business are honored for their community involvement, dedication, leadership, and empowerment of women. 

Hallmark Committee

The Hallmark Committee was created to address our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. The committee meets monthly to review current events, programs and initiatives to ensure they are aligned with the mission. 

The aim of the Hallmark committee is to identify gaps and opportunities in YWCA Clinton's current programs and agendas. With strategic analysis, planning, and collaboration the committee develops action plans to capitalize on opportunities where we can further our mission.

Pursuits - Clothing Women in Confidence

PurSuits offers interview clothing and empowerment for women ready to enter the job market. Founded in 2016 by the Women’s Justice Circle, in collaboration with the YWCA Women’s Empowerment Committee and the Sisters of Saint Francis Franciscan Peace Center, PurSuits aims to support women who lack resources for appropriate attire. Beyond clothing, PurSuits provides confidence and knowledge. Special thanks to Renaissance Resale Boutique of Clinton for partnering with us on this project.


If you’d prefer to make a monetary donation instead, you can drop off or mail to us at:
PurSuits, c/o YWCA Clinton, 317 7th Ave S, Clinton, IA 52732.

Body Positivity and Self Love

When we choose to love ourselves unconditionally, regardless of society's standards or expectations, we unlock a newfound sense of confidence and inner strength.


Body positivity and self-love are not just about embracing physical appearances; they are a powerful form of self-empowerment. They are about accepting and celebrating every curve, scar, and imperfection as a unique part of who we are. 


We are recognizing our worth beyond the confines of our bodies and embracing the beauty of our souls. By embracing body positivity and self-love, we empower ourselves to live authentically and fearlessly, paving the way for greater happiness and fulfillment in our lives.

Your generous donations help to fund programs that further our mission.  Thank you.

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