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Special Programs

Find more information on special programs and challenges from YWCA Clinton.


Summer Shape Up Program

When you need accountability, professional guidance, and guaranteed results.


Knowing that others are participating with you can help you to stick to your health exercise routine. Sharing experiences and challenges with others can foster a sense of camaraderie and motivation.

Professional Guidance

With professional guidance, you can tailor your workout plans to your individual needs and goals. Working with a fitness professional provides built-in accountability and motivation. You can receive personalized dietary recommendations that support your fitness goals. A fitness professional can teach you the correct form for various exercises to ensure that you perform them safely and effectively.

Guaranteed Results

Seeing tangible results is highly motivating. Progress serves as validation for your efforts and encourages you to continue pushing towards your goals. The sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving your goals is universally rewarding.

What do I get?

inBody Scans

The InBody body composition scan provides an in-depth analysis into the client’s muscle, fat and water mass and body fat percentages. It 


The InBody body composition scan only takes minutes to complete and is painless. The Trainer reviews each component of the scan report with the client and will make personalized recommendations that will help the client with nutrition, exercise, and overall lifestyle changes if needed.


InBody scans may also detect potential health risks such as obesity and muscle imbalances. Identifying these issues at an early stage, along with proactive measures and the client consulting with their health care professionals, may prevent the advancement of these conditions.

Postural Assessment

YWCA Clinton’s Personal Training staff has the training to recognize postural imbalances and develop a plan of corrective exercise to gently improve or correct these imbalances.

The trainer will have the individual remove their shoes and then stand against a wall facing the trainer. Then turn to the side and then face the wall so the trainer can view the individual from all angles. Then the trainer will ask the individual to do 5 squats with arms lifted overhead while facing the trainer and another set of 5 squats with arms lifted overhead while the trainer views from the side.

What is the trainer looking at? There are 5 kinetic chain checkpoints:
1) Foot and ankle
2) Knee
3) Lumbo-pelvic-hip complex
4) Shoulders and thoracic spine
5) Head and cervical spine


The trainer will then review with the individual what they saw during the assessment and then develop a plan for gentle corrective exercises that are normally done as a warmup before another workout or on a rest day.

Group Training Sessions

Included are two Group Personal Training sessions per week. One session will be more cardio-focused and the other more strength focused.

Small Group Training allows the trainer/coach to spend more time with each member of the group, ensuring proper form and progression or regression of exercises. Small Group Training is more goal-oriented with the participants’ training more specifically to their goals rather than just general fitness. Small Group Training also promotes camaraderie between participants whereas one-on-one training is just the trainer/coach and the participant.

1-on-1 Nutritional Guidance

Nutritional review and guidance involves assessing your dietary habits and providing personalized recommendations to support your fitness goals.

3 months FLEX Access

A FLEX user account gives access to the Fitness-on-Demand workouts on your own device. Choose from over 750 workouts.. These workouts vary from short to long in a variety of formats - Cardio, Core, Cycling, Rowing, Treadmill, Elliptical, Dance, Kickboxing, Yoga, Barre & Pilates, Strength, Stretching, Meditation & Breath, Active Aging, Youth, HIIT, Circuits, Wellness, & Nutrition.

100 mile on blue.png
100-Mile Swim Challenge

We are challenging our swimmers to swim a total of either 50 or 100 miles (their choice) and our Aquacise participants to attend either 50 or 100 classes (their choice, each class would be counted as one mile). This challenge will run from May 1, 2024 through April 30, 2025!

The cost for the 100 Mile Challenge is $32 for the year with an option to round up to $40 and the extra $8 will go to our Splash Sponsorship. Those rounding up will get a new bag to carry their swim gear!

More to come...

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